Quick Take on the Anderthals Slot Machine

You’ll love Anderthals, a fast-paced, feature-packed video slot with brilliant animation and prehistoric themes, if you’re a fan of slots with a cartoonish aesthetic. Anderthals has a wide betting range, from 10p up to £100 each spin, making it accessible to players of varying financial means, while yet offering a good maximum win of 2,219 times your deposit at the highest bet level.

Andy and Annie Anderthal invite you to take a gigantic leap back in time to a period when the man with the largest club got the girl, killed the prey, and kept the booty. In Anderthals, though, a sighting of a T-Rex doesn’t mean you should run for your life; instead, it’s a Wild sign, and you’ll need it to fire like crazy when you reach the game’s fantastic bonus rounds, which are activated by the lighted torches.

It’s the first time anyone’s tried the Andean Spot Feature Symbols game.

Anderthals has features that make it enjoyable for both seasoned slot players and newcomers alike. For example, the wager size can be adjusted with a few clicks, and autoplay can be set for 10, 25, 50, or 100 spins.

The important wilds, free spins, and bonus symbols, as well as the 40 pay line setups, are easily accessible via the menu tabs. With such a terrific music that reacts to the reels, it truly was a perfect companion to the game to let it blast away in your headphones or from your desktop, phone, laptop, or tablet using the standard on/off control.

Nothing about the game’s performance varied between iOS and Android servers at the top online casinos.

Slot symbols are easy to understand and distinct enough to stand out, and the bonus round, which can be retriggered, is great fun. The feature symbols at the top of the reels are a nice addition and really brighten up the action.

Songs Like “Anderthals Free Spins” and “The Lit Torch”

When the Feature Spots are activated, winning Free Spins on Anderthals is easy ( those symbols that regenerate with each spin at the top of each of the 5 reels ). In order to activate Free Spins, you need at least one of these features to be a Free Spins feature.

To unlock the amazing bonus rounds in Anderthals, though, you’ll need to use the lighted torch symbols frequently. By landing two or more anywhere across the reels, you’ll activate one of the five different sorts of extra features shown up there.

Bonus Spins: 8 Free Games at the top spot, plus 2 more at each additional position.

Wilds that grow throughout the whole reel have a far greater effect when they fall beneath an expanding wild area.

Wild Reels – When a reel has a Wilds Plus feature spot, all other symbols become wild as well.

Win more across all active paylines with multiplier wilds when the feature spot is set to Wild x2 or Wild x3.

The free casino bets rounds are played automatically, as is to be expected, but the Feature Spots where you have triggered your bonus keep changing, so there is still plenty to play for as the funds accumulate and you can switch from bonus type to bonus type, making the game incredibly exciting and engaging.

Anderthals’s Top Payout, Return to Player, and Volatility

Anderthals is the perfect video slot for players searching for a high-volatility game with a respectable return to player percentage. Its return to player percentage of 96.12% places it among the studio’s top games, albeit it trails Hot Ink (RTP: 97.5%), Couch Potato (RTP: 97.43%), and 7 Oceans (RTP: 97%) by a hair.

Club your way to fame in a prehistoric caveman romp and win up to 2,219 times your bet, making this game an instant hit with its massive potential payout.

Conclusion on Anders’ Slot by All Accounts

With a high return to player percentage and a lucrative bonus round that triggers around once every 25 spins, this great game keeps the wins rolling across its five multipliers. Anderthals has the potential to be a huge hit with the bulk of cartoon style slot aficionados or online casino beginners equally thanks to its creative engagement with a music that you could gladly leave play.

If you’re familiar with online slots, you may see parallels to the popular Jungle Jim: El Dorado slot, and if you’re just into dinosaurs, you may want to check out the somewhat less risky Jurassic Park series instead.

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